Warped Tour - 7/19/16 Noblesville, IN

If you follow any of my social media you probably know that Warped is my favorite day of the summer. This year was my 5th time covering it & the most successful. This lineup is probably my favorite so far and the schedule worked out perfectly, allowing me to see/shoot basically everyone I had planned on seeing (even if it did involve a lot of running from one side of the venue to the other). I had also been itching to use my new lens at an outdoor concert and it worked even better than I expected it to, leaving me with what I consider my best work yet. 

First band of the day was one of my all time favorites, Crown The Empire! I have shot and seen this band many times (more than any other band actually) over the course of about 3 years. They've grown so much over the last few years & the release of Retrograde really represents a new chapter for them. It was nice to hear songs off the new album & I'm very happy to see them continuing to move forward! 

Another one of my favorite bands & the band I was most excited to shoot was Issues. Even though I saw their set on Warped 2015, I missed out on shooting them. They are some of the best performers and seeing them again really solidified how well deserved Sky's APMAs' win for "Best Bassist" was. 

Another must see set is Atreyu's. I started listening to them at the most unfortunate time (right after their hiatus began) & I was convinced I'd never get to see them. Not only did I get to see them, but I got to shoot them on their first Warped 2016 date. Alex was incredibly interactive with fans and probably spent more time in the crowd than he did onstage. My only "complaint" is that I was hoping we'd get to hear Brandon's vocals more as not only is having a drummer do lead vocals very unique but he's also incredibly talented. 

I love so much about this tour, from the people on it to the people running it to the people attending. If you're into photography, I cannot stress how great of an opportunity Warped is. Applied this year but didn't hear back? Don't give up, apply again next year!! This year I got really lucky and had the woman who helps run Sleeping With Sirens, Crown The Empire, Good Charlotte & Yellowcard's social media reach out to me & ask if she could post my photos of them. Just that one email is allowing my work to be exposed to THOUSANDS more people than it normally would be. Not only is Warped itself great and a big opportunity but it also opens so many doors! 

I could spend years talking about Warped Tour but, instead of doing that, I'll leave you with photo sets from the rest of the sets I shot. Below you'll find pictures of Sleeping With Sirens,  Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, The Maine, The Story So Far, Secrets, Ice Nine Kills, The Color Morale, Chunk! No Captain, Chunk, and Mayday Parade (not listed in order).