Fifth Time's A Charm Tour 6/28/14

The 3 McDonough siblings in Before You Exit recently supported the girls of Fifth Harmony on their Fifth Time's A Charm Tour. At the Indianapolis date at The Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn, Before You Exit and Fifth Harmony were joined by Suite 44 and Jackson Harris. The tour finished on June 29th in Columbus, OH and hit only 13 cities and far less states, playing 4 shows in Ohio alone. 

Openers Suite 44 were perfect for the crowd made up of at least 90% young girls. Charming and cute are the best words to describe them. Their all white outfits and choreographed dance moves were cute, but none of their songs made lasting impressions. I could appreciate their energy and they seemed to be very well received by the audience. They clearly had talent and could sing, but that was mostly overshadowed by their attempt to jump on the boyband bandwagon. I'd like to see them grow and let their personalities and voices really shine; they definitely have a lot of potential. 

Next on the lineup was pop (pop rock?) artist Jackson Harris. Jackson came across as very genuine and had a nice stage prescence. Although he is technically a solo artist, his live band added a lot to his sound. His songs gave off nice vibes and his voice is almost better live than it is recorded. Both Jackson and Suite 44 had relatively short sets, each only playing about 5 songs. They did their job as openers well and I look foward to watching both artists grow and gain recognition. 

After Jackson, the Before You Exit trio came on stage. This is my second time seeing Before You Exit and it's unbelievable how much they've grown since just a few years ago. Not only are the members different, but their sound has changed too. It was great to hear Riley's vocals really shine this time around, I was extremely impressed. I would have liked to have heard a few more older songs on their setlist, but I was happy to hear "End of the World" and "I Like That".  It was also nice to see Toby as a permanent member of the band, although Braiden's prescence was missed. Overall I think they played a really nice set and I enjoyed seeing them again. 

Last to play were headliners Fifth Harmony. My initial reaction was that the girls have definitely toned their outfits done for this tour. It was nice to see them lose the 5 inch heals and sparkles; they were still stunning in their all white outfits and 3 1/2 inch heals. They manage to have the star appeal but still be very relatable and down to earth. The girl's vocals were virtually flawless: a nice reminder of why they made it as far as they did on their season of  XFactor. Their setlist was about the same as on the Demi Lovato tour, minus a short preview of their new single "Boss" at the very end of their set. Their set was finished by  an unexpected appearance from two of my favorite people: Wesley and Keaton Stromberg from Emblem3 (a group on the same season of XFactor as 5H), who had played a show downtown earlier that day.  Their voices, harmonies, dances and general cuteness made for a great set.