The AP Tour 10/15/15

Less than 2 weeks ago, on October 15th, I attended the AP Tour featuring As It Is, This Wild Life, Real Friends and Mayday Parade. The show was at one of Philly’s most popular GA venues, The Electric Factory. First of all, I’d like to say that this is one of my favorite tour line-ups ever. The bands work together very well but all have their own distinct sounds. Also, I will upload photos from this show as soon as possible! I have had some issues with my photo editing software but am working to get it fixed now.  

The first band was As It Is. I also saw them on last summer’s Warped Tour and this pop punk band always puts on a great show. Lead singer Patty Walters is small, super cute and super energetic. While Patty seems to be best known for his Youtube videos, his passion for music is clearly shown in his performances. Their setlist consisted of mostly (or maybe all) songs from their newest album, Never Happy, Ever After. They played songs such as Cheap Shots & Setbacks, Can’t Save Myself and crowd favorite Dial Tones. Although they were the openers, they were no strangers to the crowd and were very well received. I thoroughly enjoyed their and hope they return to Philly to play a longer set soon.

As I consider the pop-punk duo This Wild Life one of my favorite bands, I was excited to see them again. Their set was very similar to the songs they played on Warped since they haven’t released new music since then, but it was still a treat. They sound virtually exactly the same live as they do recorded, which is extremely rare. They have true talent and the simplicity of their songs allows them to showcase Kevin Jordan’s voice and both Kevin and Anthony DelGrosso’s guitar. Their set included songs such as Puppy Love, which Kevin jokingly introduces as a love song only to reveal it’s really about his dog, Concrete and, my personal favorite, History. They successfully play a very energetic and entertaining set, destroying the notion that acoustic sets are boring.

A friend of mine who has been to multiple Real Friends shows informed me that the crowd may get a bit intense during their set. At first I didn’t believe her as I tend to associate rowdy crowds with bands that have heavier styles than Real Friends, but she was right. Their set seemed to have the most crowd surfers and the crowd had a very high level of energy. This Chicago pop punk band has a strong connection with the audience due to both their talent and their relatable lyrics. Lead singer Dan Lambton has a wonderfully gritty voice that translates well into live performances and guitarist The band conveyed a lot of emotion in their set and came across as very genuine.  They started their set with Cover You Up and finished with Summer.

Pop rock band Mayday Parade is headlining the tour. The band has been together for about a decade and recently released their fifth studio album, Black Lines. My first impression was of their beautiful stage set up with lots of intricate lights and smoke. They came out to the song  One of Them Will Destroy the Other, with Dan of Real Friends joining them onstage. The two bands coming together was fantastic and I’m glad they used this tour as an opportunity to play the song live. Their set also included songs such as Jaime All Over, Keep in Mind, Transmogrification Is a New Technology, the live debut of Just Out of Reach, and the long time favorite Oh Well, Oh Well. The timing of the tour seemed a little too early for fans to know the songs as the album was just released and production issues prevented many from receiving their album before the show, but they did play a nice balance of older and new songs. The crowd was very excited to see Mayday, so excited that it almost seemed as if the entire audience was made up of dedicated fans. During older songs, it felt like every person in the crowd was singing every lyric. They finished their set (before the encore) with a piano rendition of Miserable At Best where Derek left the stage before the end of the song, allowing the beautiful collective voice of the crowd to finish the last verse.

Overall, I was very pleased with not only the tour line-up itself but also with the performance of each individual band. The night was filled with great music and lots of talent. The crowd responded very well to every band, starting the show with lots of energy and keeping that same level of excitement up throughout the night. I highly recommend attending this tour! There's still well over half of the tour left so check out the remaining cities and purchase tickets HERE  (a few shows even have a few VIP packages left).