The Bergamot- Tones

The Bergamot, an indie rock husband and wife duo from Brooklyn, New York, released their latest album Tones on February 11th. Tones is a wonderfully innovative album with a classic indie vibe, showcasing both member’s vocals and accentuating heartfelt lyrics with lots of guitar and a wide range of other instruments. As someone who is usually prone to choosing a hard-rock band over an indie/alternative group, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself turning on tracks from this album again and again.

The opening track “Forget About Tomorrow” perfectly introduces the positive vibe that continues throughout the rest of the album.  This catchy track features Nathaniel’s vocals in the forefront with a nice balance of harmonies provided by Jillian.

The second song on the album and the title track, “Tones,” is my personal favorite. This song poses a critique of society’s use of media. Lyrics such as “all of these tones ringing in your head” and “stop texting when we’re talking” draw attention to our constant use of technology.  It makes the listener really think about their use of technology and how it’s preventing us from really living in and enjoying the present while still keeping an upbeat mood. 

Next up is “Burst Out,” a song that really showcases Jillian’s vocals. Her beautiful vocals are controlled while still highlighting the raw emotion that should come with lyrics like these. The song tells the of the struggles they’re faced with while on the road, accentuating the often solemn lyrics with a wonderful orchestral arrangement. This one is a close second for my favorite.

Skipping ahead to the 7th track, “School Notes,” an adorable song that essentially tells the story of how Jillian and Nathaniel fell in love. Every time I’ve listened to this song, it has immediately put me in a better mood. While this song also highlights Jillian’s wonderful vocals, the instruments really stood out to me.  The track starts off with a gentle acoustic guitar in the background, slowly adding in other instruments such as piano, bits of percussion and quite a bit of violin.

The last track that really stood out to me was “Money Honey,” an upbeat track featuring loads of guitar and a super catchy chorus. Overall, I really enjoyed this album and would recommend it to fans of Indie music looking for new music to listen to. The upbeat vibe, fantastic instrumentation and high quality vocals made it a very enjoyable listen.