The Life Electric- The Real You

The Life Electric is back (and better than ever, of course!) after a 3 year silence since the release of their Calico EP. The Boston 5-piece released their 11-track album The Real You on March 25th. The album is a lovely mix of gritty alternative tracks with a few ballads artfully sprinkled in.

The opening track “Gone, Gone, Gone” sets the tone for the rest of the album, giving listeners a riff driven, up-tempo song to head bob to. Up next is “Call It Karma,” one of my personal favorites largely due to the introduction of piano. This song has attitude that makes it even easier to groove to, telling the story of a relationship that ended and the consequences that come with this ending. Even though the lyrics are about bad karma, this song certainly sounds like good karma to me.

“The Real You,” the title track, is one of the most pop-influenced songs on the album, incorporating a good amount of synth and treating us to a melodic chorus about being yourself even when life gets tough.

The songs up next introduce a different vibe to the album with the feel of the songs changing from upbeat to more ballad-like. My favorite of these slower tracks is definitely “Innocence,” another track involving lots of piano. This song really showcases Joey Chehade’s vocals, giving him a chance to demonstrate his control and how expressive he can be.

The last song on the album, “A Ghost,” is also one of the strongest. It starts off with acoustic guitar and gradually builds up the instrumentation while keeping a slower tempo. This song is about watching a loved one struggle with addiction and giving up on them despite not wanting to.

Overall, The Real You is very well put together. It crosses genre lines while still maintaining a grooving, alternative rock vibe. I would highly recommend this album to anyone looking for a unique alt-rock album!


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