House of Blues 20th Anniversary Tour 11/29/13

  Seeing as how Third Eye Blind has neither toured nor released any hits in a long time, seeing them play to a sold-out crowd of over 2,500 people was a nice surprise. The House of Blues 20th Anniversary tour celebrates 20 years of Third Eye Blind, a huge accomplishment in today’s constantly changing music industry. The 90’s band has managed to continue appeal to audiences of all ages, even after two decades.

Hydra Melody broke the usual stereotype of an opening band, far surpassing expectations and evoking a very positive reaction from the crowd. The Texas five-piece came out with loads of energy, playing songs like "California" and, my personal favorite, "Devil in Disguise." During their entire set, you could clearly see they were truly enjoying themselves. Their energy, smiles, and clean sound was refreshing. They maintain an alternative sound that appeals to the masses while still being unique. Hopefully this tour will give them their much deserved recognition.

Third Eye Blind’s return to Indianapolis was much awaited. Although the lighting during the first three songs of their set (when I could shoot photos) was disappointing at best for photography, the fog set the mood perfectly. Stephan stayed at the back of the stage, remaining a silhouette until around their 4th song. The lighting then changed from mysterious to bright and colorful, more accurately expressing the feelings of the audience, and Stephan, who continually mentioned how great he was feeling.  They played many of their hits such as "Graduate," "Jumper," and "Semi-Charmed Life." Their set was a nostalgic treat, including Brad Hargreaves' drum solo, which ended up being my favorite part. The group shows no signs of stopping soon, with plans of releasing a new album in 2014 and returning to the road.