Northernmost- Pinedale

Massachusetts reverb rock band Northernmost has been together since early 2014. Despite facing struggles in previous bands and having difficulty finding permanent band members, Northernmost is here to stay. On May 1st, 2014, the band released their debut self-titled EP, featuring tracks such as the perfectly angst-filled Fighting in My Sleep and the calming Taylor. The band’s latest release further proves how underrated they are.

On September 18, 2015, Northernmost released their Pinedale EP. The 5 song EP is characterized by beautiful guitar, illustrative lyrics and a soft, flowing melodies. It’s the type of EP that makes you want to go on a 5 hour road trip and play it on repeat the entire ride.

The EP opens with a softer song titled “Greenbrier.” This song is my personal favorite, not only because of the clean guitar, but also because of the lovely harmonies that strengthen the chorus. The emotional lyrics and vocals make this mellow track relatable and enjoyable.

“Greenbrier” is followed by “Milo.” The same harmonies, guitar work and emotion that characterized the first song are also very prominent features in this one. “Milo” is a little less calm and a little grungier, with a bit more harshness in the vocals and a more present bass line. Skipping ahead a bit, the 4th track “Afterglow” features the heaviest guitar and drums.

“Cloudy” is the third and one of the more melodically uplifting songs on the EP. In oversimplified terms, it tells the story of not wanting to let go of someone, conveying senses of desperation and worry in the lyrics. The last track on the album tell this same story but, by stripping it down to an acoustic version, makes it sound much sadder.

Overall, this is a very successful EP. I would recommend it to listeners of bands like Brand New and those who are looking for a more chill genre of rock. I’m excited to see what else Northernmost has in store and I hope they get some well deserved recognition.