Maurice Rush- The New Generation EP

Artist Maurice Rush released his debut EP on May 11th, featuring 5 tracks that tell stories with raw emotions and touch on real issues. He has been writing for less than a year but already has an impressive handle on the balance between creating great music and using his lyrics as a platform for change. Despite having to endure rough times and encountering struggles that made him consider quitting, Maurice has continued to push forward and is excited to share his first EP with the world. 

The first song is titled "Young", starting off with a catchy piano motif that continues throughout the rest of the song. In this song, Rush reminisces about some of the best memories of his life and talks about how important enjoying life is. 

The same piano style featured in "Young" is also present in the song "We'll Be Better". It starts off with Rush speaking about how he attempts to use his music to tell the truth and to speak about what other artists aren't willing to. My favorite lyric in this song is "be the change you want to see." I really appreciate how he weaves the theme of being true to yourself into virtually every song on this EP. 

My personal favorite is the song "Transcendence" where Rush treats the listeners to wisdom that is far beyond his years. The lyrics in this song also speak about being the change that you want to see, touching on issues such as police brutality and poverty.

The lyrics throughout this entire EP are very powerful and thought provoking. This is an excellent debut EP and clearly demonstrates Rush's talent not only vocally but also as a lyricist. Props to him for tackling touchy subjects and for writing about serious things rather than just making lighthearted, feel-good songs. 


1. Young

2. We'll Be Better

3. Hero

4. Choosing

5. Transcendence

Listen to the EP here

Find him on Facebook / Soundcloud: Maurice Rush

Instagram: Mauricerush_newgeneration