Alexander- Self-Titled Debut EP Review

Alexander_Cover_Final (1).jpg

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Alexander will be releasing his debut, self-titled EP on August 12. The EP consists of 5 pop songs with strong electronic roots that could all easily fit into Top 40 radio. While the songs maintain a strong pop vibe, Alexander gracefully blends genres and keeps the EP fresh and unique. 

The opening track, "Need You To Know" tells the story of someone he just can't seem to let go of... & he likes it that way. The breakdown in the chorus has a vibe reminiscent of that in Justin Bieber's "Sorry," bringing a beat that's easy to dance to and easy to love. 

Her released a music video for the second track, "Can't Sleep Without You," on July 18th. The chorus really showcases how strong his vocals are and accentuates them with subtle harmonies. This song is my personal favorite!

The EP gets stripped down quite a bit in the song "Melody of You." This sweet love song uses clever metaphors to describe how he feels. The incorporation of the simple acoustic guitar line is a nice shift from the largely electronic instrumentation present throughout the rest of the EP. 

Alexander's upbeat sound spreads positive vibes without coming across as superficial or formulaic. While I don't tend to gravitate towards pop often, I'm really enjoying this EP & I hope you all love it too! Keep an eye on Alexander's social media for updates and download links when it's released in just a couple weeks. 



1. Need You To Know

2. Can't Sleep Without You

3. Comin' For You

4. Melody Of You

5. Hush Hush