Acoustic rock duo This Wild Life bring Low Tides to World Cafe Live

Long Beach, CA acoustic rock outfit This Wild Life released their latest album, Low Tides, on September 9th and almost immediately went on the road to promote it. Their tour came to World Cafe Live on Sunday night, where they were joined fellow California natives Movements and Baltimore’s Have Mercy.

Movements started off the show with high energy, playing to an extremely receptive and rowdy crowd. While their post-hardcore style was unexpected, given the much more laid-back sound of the other two bands, they were a treat to watch. The signs prohibiting concert goers from moshing were completely ignored after their first couple of songs. Dozens of people jumped around and passionately sang the lyrics back to the band. The least enjoyable part of their set was when they announced that the next song was their last, leaving the stage to a roaring crowd that would have happily listened to them play for twice as long.

Have Mercy took the stage next and seemed more than exited to be back on the East Coast, telling the crowd how they had been looking forward to the Philly show all tour. They casually drank beers onstage and chatted with the crowd, clearly at home and in their element. Lead singer Brian Swindle jokingly explained that “If you come to another show, you’ll get used to it. This is what we do.” They played a set of about eight songs that was full of expressive vocals, stories told through lyrics and head bobbing.

Headliners This Wild Life walked out to pulsing drum beat and an ecstatic crowd, opening with the second track on their new album, “Pull Me Out.” The line-up of this tour was almost the opposite of a typical show, but it worked really well, starting off very energetic and gradually getting more calm. The duo’s characteristic acoustic guitar melodies and tons of harmonies highlighted their moving lyrics that tell stories of the member’s families, relationships and general hardships. During the song “No More Bad Days,” a young guy in front of me was brought to tears. The entirety of their set was overwhelmingly beautiful and I truly consider this band a must see.

You can check out the rest of their tour dates here and pick up Low Tides here.