Intergalactix Show Preview: October 31st @ World Cafe Live

Sydney, Australia's "indie electro funk" duo Intergalactix is playing Philly in just a few weeks! They will be at World Cafe Live on Halloween, Saturday, October 31.  Tickets for this all ages show can be purchased HERE for just $14. Read their answers to our questions below to get to know the duo, get a better feel for their music and get a preview of what you can expect to see on this tour! 

How would you describe your sound?

Kristian: We like to call it indie electro funk. It definitely has an underlying funk pocket driven mainly from the guitar and bass. We color that foundation with analogue synths that have hints of New Wave and Minneapolis funk. Vocally it's very "Indie" which is a weird word but I think most people get what that means.

What are some of the most prominent features of your music?

Kristian: I think the vocals and New Wave synths are definitely a point of difference and help pair us well with indie electronic bands on tours and festivals. Basically it's a fusion of a lot of things and we like to keep it open to grow but we know we definitely have a particular sound that is our own. 

 How does your EP “S.T.S - R.N.D” differ from your prior release “I.W.S.O.M”? 

Serg: With the new EP, we were more selective with the song choices and wanted to make it more uptempo and something you can connect with instantly. You can definitely hear some of our influences come through on these new songs. We definitely have fun with these songs live and we wanted to express that feeling through the music.

What are you favorite aspects of the new EP? 

Kristian: I think this release definitely brings out our funkier edge, where our first EP showcases more of our Indie Electro side. I think these two singles definitely define our sound as a whole and both tracks have the right combination of all our influences. 

What can fans look forward to seeing on this tour? 

Kristian: Flashing bright lights and UFO excerpts as well and some impromptu jams with Strange Talk lol. We've changed up the live show quite a bit, we've integrated percussion and some lights to our synths which has really added a new energy to the set. Without giving too much away this is a really different show for us and we are really excited about sharing it with everyone that comes out to the shows. We've played 5 shows so far and they've all been unique experiences. I'm sure the set will continue to grow as the tour progresses. 

What songs are you most excited to play?

Serg: We're really digging playing some really new tracks that we've written called "The Now", "All I Got To Say" and "1995". "Something To Say" (our new single) is definitely one of our favorites as it feels great and we have a lot of fun musically with it. On this tour we've introduced a remix of one of our favorite songs from one of our favorite bands. "Shout" by Tears For Fears. This is so much fun to play and we've definitely remixed it to fit our style and sound. 

Will the setlist be primarily songs off the new EP? 

Kristian: It's going to feature the new songs primarily but there's definitely some I.W.S.O.M tracks in there to balance it out. We also have a few brand new tracks that we've never played before and they are going over great at shows which is a good testing ground for us. 

Anything special planned for the Philly date since it’s on Halloween? 

Serg: Philly's going to be one big party! We love playing in Philly and have a lot of friends there and we met a whole bunch of new friends from Philly when we played the Firefly Music Festival in June this year. Our last show at the Milk Boy was killer and we're planning on making this one even bigger and plus it's Halloween so anything can happen!