Intergalactix Show Preview: October 31st @ World Cafe Live

Sydney, Australia's "indie electro funk" duo Intergalactix is playing Philly in just a few weeks! They will be at World Cafe Live on Halloween, Saturday, October 31.  Tickets for this all ages show can be purchased HERE for just $14. Read their answers to our questions below to get to know the duo, get a better feel for their music and get a preview of what you can expect to see on this tour! 

How would you describe your sound?

Kristian: We like to call it indie electro funk. It definitely has an underlying funk pocket driven mainly from the guitar and bass. We color that foundation with analogue synths that have hints of New Wave and Minneapolis funk. Vocally it's very "Indie" which is a weird word but I think most people get what that means.

What are some of the most prominent features of your music?

Kristian: I think the vocals and New Wave synths are definitely a point of difference and help pair us well with indie electronic bands on tours and festivals. Basically it's a fusion of a lot of things and we like to keep it open to grow but we know we definitely have a particular sound that is our own. 

 How does your EP “S.T.S - R.N.D” differ from your prior release “I.W.S.O.M”? 

Serg: With the new EP, we were more selective with the song choices and wanted to make it more uptempo and something you can connect with instantly. You can definitely hear some of our influences come through on these new songs. We definitely have fun with these songs live and we wanted to express that feeling through the music.

What are you favorite aspects of the new EP? 

Kristian: I think this release definitely brings out our funkier edge, where our first EP showcases more of our Indie Electro side. I think these two singles definitely define our sound as a whole and both tracks have the right combination of all our influences. 

What can fans look forward to seeing on this tour? 

Kristian: Flashing bright lights and UFO excerpts as well and some impromptu jams with Strange Talk lol. We've changed up the live show quite a bit, we've integrated percussion and some lights to our synths which has really added a new energy to the set. Without giving too much away this is a really different show for us and we are really excited about sharing it with everyone that comes out to the shows. We've played 5 shows so far and they've all been unique experiences. I'm sure the set will continue to grow as the tour progresses. 

What songs are you most excited to play?

Serg: We're really digging playing some really new tracks that we've written called "The Now", "All I Got To Say" and "1995". "Something To Say" (our new single) is definitely one of our favorites as it feels great and we have a lot of fun musically with it. On this tour we've introduced a remix of one of our favorite songs from one of our favorite bands. "Shout" by Tears For Fears. This is so much fun to play and we've definitely remixed it to fit our style and sound. 

Will the setlist be primarily songs off the new EP? 

Kristian: It's going to feature the new songs primarily but there's definitely some I.W.S.O.M tracks in there to balance it out. We also have a few brand new tracks that we've never played before and they are going over great at shows which is a good testing ground for us. 

Anything special planned for the Philly date since it’s on Halloween? 

Serg: Philly's going to be one big party! We love playing in Philly and have a lot of friends there and we met a whole bunch of new friends from Philly when we played the Firefly Music Festival in June this year. Our last show at the Milk Boy was killer and we're planning on making this one even bigger and plus it's Halloween so anything can happen! 

Northernmost- Pinedale

Massachusetts reverb rock band Northernmost has been together since early 2014. Despite facing struggles in previous bands and having difficulty finding permanent band members, Northernmost is here to stay. On May 1st, 2014, the band released their debut self-titled EP, featuring tracks such as the perfectly angst-filled Fighting in My Sleep and the calming Taylor. The band’s latest release further proves how underrated they are.

On September 18, 2015, Northernmost released their Pinedale EP. The 5 song EP is characterized by beautiful guitar, illustrative lyrics and a soft, flowing melodies. It’s the type of EP that makes you want to go on a 5 hour road trip and play it on repeat the entire ride.

The EP opens with a softer song titled “Greenbrier.” This song is my personal favorite, not only because of the clean guitar, but also because of the lovely harmonies that strengthen the chorus. The emotional lyrics and vocals make this mellow track relatable and enjoyable.

“Greenbrier” is followed by “Milo.” The same harmonies, guitar work and emotion that characterized the first song are also very prominent features in this one. “Milo” is a little less calm and a little grungier, with a bit more harshness in the vocals and a more present bass line. Skipping ahead a bit, the 4th track “Afterglow” features the heaviest guitar and drums.

“Cloudy” is the third and one of the more melodically uplifting songs on the EP. In oversimplified terms, it tells the story of not wanting to let go of someone, conveying senses of desperation and worry in the lyrics. The last track on the album tell this same story but, by stripping it down to an acoustic version, makes it sound much sadder.

Overall, this is a very successful EP. I would recommend it to listeners of bands like Brand New and those who are looking for a more chill genre of rock. I’m excited to see what else Northernmost has in store and I hope they get some well deserved recognition. 

We Came As Romans 10/4/14

We Came As Romans hit Indianapolis on October 4th as part of their Tracing Back Roots tour. Joining them were PalisadesThe Color Morale and For Today.

Palisades warmed up the crowd with a typical opener setlist length of about 5 songs. I enjoyed their set but I didn’t really think it was memorable- none of their songs really stood out to me. Their drummer, Aaron Rosa, was definitely a stand out though. He had a huge smile on his face for the majority of the show and was just radiating good vibes. The Color Morale played about the same amount of time as Palisades, but their set resonated with me a bit more. Garret Rapp has great vocals and just seems like a genuinely good person. They closed with “Strange Comfort” which I absolutely love; well written and well performed. I’ll have to give both them another chance, I have a strong feeling I’d appreciate them more if I knew their music better.

The crowd was especially rowdy during For Today- their energy was unparalleled. They started strong with “Break the Cycle” and kept the same level up throughout their entire set. I’m really into Sam’s driving guitar and the strong contrast between Mattie’s screaming and clean vocals. Many bands have similar vocalist, but what makes Mattie stand out is how well he has mastered both vocal styles. The messages in their songs are inspiring. I constantly find myself using Mattie’s preaching as an example of why you should listen to the message in songs rather than jumping to conclusions and assuming, 99% of the time very wrongfully, that metalcore is hateful and/or demonic. They played a great set, I almost wish they had played longer.

This is my third time seeing We Came As Romans, but my first time seeing them as headliners. While I loved Mattie’s solo vocals, I also really enjoy having both Kyle and Dave as vocalist. The complexity of their songs is really enhanced by the duo. Their setlist was probably the best grouping of songs I’ve seen to date. They weren’t missing a single one of my favorites and, even though it was the Tracing Back Roots tour, they included a nice balance of older songs along with songs off of Tracing Back Roots. The intensity of Joshua’s guitar in the intro to Mis//Understanding has made it into one of my all time favorite songs and their live performance of it did not disappoint. Regardless of having 6 band members, everyone is allowed to shine and all of their personalities show through while they’re performing. I really appreciate the messages of hope and brotherhood these guys are constantly delivering. I really have nothing even slightly negative to say- it was definitely a great set, they never fail to impress.  

By the end of For Today’s set, I was more focused on remaining standing than on the music, but I can truthfully say that I had a great time. Looking at the faces of people standing near me, it was clear that a number of them were upset, but that’s just what you have to deal with when you’re attending a “post-hardcore concert”, if you will: there will be mosh pits, people will be jumping and you will have virtually no personal space. That’s something that I can tolerate and have actually come to enjoy, especially since it’s only for one night (or afternoon/evening in this case). It was a very enjoyable show and I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up seeing at least one of these bands again.

Heffron Drive 9/24/14

Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt are finally back at it, hitting around 20 US cities in support of their debut album, "Happy Mistakes".  The duo played at The Deluxe in Indianapolis on September 21st. Although many media outlets have been referring to Heffron Drive as Kendall's "new project", Kendall has actually been making music with childhood friend Dustin since 2008. They released a few tracks during their early years, had a sort of hiatus while Kendall was in Big Time Rush and just released "Happy Mistakes" on September 14th.

Opener Mike Tompkins was a familiar face to many due to his Youtube popularity and his appearance on The Ellen Show. The acapella producer played a number of covers, like Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love",  as well as some of his own, original songs. During his set, it was incredibly hard to believe that all of the sounds being played were made by the human voice- he did his job exceptionally well. Although a good portion of the sounds were pre-recorded, it was an entertaining set. His high energy level coupled with the dubstep style build ups went over very well with the crowd- who doesn't love a good bass drop? It was also nice to have just one, really good opener rather than the usual two or three acts before the headliner.

Headliner Heffron Drive came out about half an hour after Mike's last song, introduced by the instrumental "Interlude" which immediately led into "Art Of Moving On". What immediately struck me was how well Kendall can really sing. Don't get me wrong, I never thought Kendall couldn't sing. I've been a huge fan of his since early 2009 and have seen him live once before with Big Time Rush and his vocal quality has always been stellar- the difference lies in the passion and emotions that were allowed to come through in this much more intimate venue. Dustin was beyond fun to watch and his guitar was allowed to take the forefront even with the songs' strong electro influences. The two's dynamics on stage (little dance moves, interactions with each other and the crowd etc.) are adorable. I was happy to see they included a few old songs while still playing the majority of the songs off "Happy Mistakes". Great energy, great music, great vibes, great people.

I'd also like to give huge props to Kendall and Dustin for being so incredibly patient and kind. After the show, they stayed to meet and take multiple pictures with every individual person who waited. Almost every other band I've seen at this same venue has simply walked to their busses, maybe gracing the fans with a smile and a wave. Even after a long day (Kendall's early morning interview with Wish TV 8, set-up, VIP stuff) they seemed more than happy to attend to everyone's requests. These two are outstanding in every way and the deserve more recognition for it.

Although the US portion of the tour finishes on Monday in Anaheim, CA, they do still have a few dates left for those of you in Mexico and the UK:

Oct 04   El Plaza Condesa                          Mexico City, Mexico

Dec 15   King Tuts Wah Wah Hut             Glasgow, United Kingdom

Dec 16   Manchester Academy 3             Manchester, United Kingdom 

Dec 17   O2 Academy Birmingham         Birmingham, United Kingdom

Dec 18 O2 Academy Islington                London, United Kingdom

Find tickets HERE and be sure to check out "Happy Mistakes"!

Fifth Time's A Charm Tour 6/28/14

The 3 McDonough siblings in Before You Exit recently supported the girls of Fifth Harmony on their Fifth Time's A Charm Tour. At the Indianapolis date at The Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn, Before You Exit and Fifth Harmony were joined by Suite 44 and Jackson Harris. The tour finished on June 29th in Columbus, OH and hit only 13 cities and far less states, playing 4 shows in Ohio alone. 

Openers Suite 44 were perfect for the crowd made up of at least 90% young girls. Charming and cute are the best words to describe them. Their all white outfits and choreographed dance moves were cute, but none of their songs made lasting impressions. I could appreciate their energy and they seemed to be very well received by the audience. They clearly had talent and could sing, but that was mostly overshadowed by their attempt to jump on the boyband bandwagon. I'd like to see them grow and let their personalities and voices really shine; they definitely have a lot of potential. 

Next on the lineup was pop (pop rock?) artist Jackson Harris. Jackson came across as very genuine and had a nice stage prescence. Although he is technically a solo artist, his live band added a lot to his sound. His songs gave off nice vibes and his voice is almost better live than it is recorded. Both Jackson and Suite 44 had relatively short sets, each only playing about 5 songs. They did their job as openers well and I look foward to watching both artists grow and gain recognition. 

After Jackson, the Before You Exit trio came on stage. This is my second time seeing Before You Exit and it's unbelievable how much they've grown since just a few years ago. Not only are the members different, but their sound has changed too. It was great to hear Riley's vocals really shine this time around, I was extremely impressed. I would have liked to have heard a few more older songs on their setlist, but I was happy to hear "End of the World" and "I Like That".  It was also nice to see Toby as a permanent member of the band, although Braiden's prescence was missed. Overall I think they played a really nice set and I enjoyed seeing them again. 

Last to play were headliners Fifth Harmony. My initial reaction was that the girls have definitely toned their outfits done for this tour. It was nice to see them lose the 5 inch heals and sparkles; they were still stunning in their all white outfits and 3 1/2 inch heals. They manage to have the star appeal but still be very relatable and down to earth. The girl's vocals were virtually flawless: a nice reminder of why they made it as far as they did on their season of  XFactor. Their setlist was about the same as on the Demi Lovato tour, minus a short preview of their new single "Boss" at the very end of their set. Their set was finished by  an unexpected appearance from two of my favorite people: Wesley and Keaton Stromberg from Emblem3 (a group on the same season of XFactor as 5H), who had played a show downtown earlier that day.  Their voices, harmonies, dances and general cuteness made for a great set. 

House of Blues 20th Anniversary Tour 11/29/13

  Seeing as how Third Eye Blind has neither toured nor released any hits in a long time, seeing them play to a sold-out crowd of over 2,500 people was a nice surprise. The House of Blues 20th Anniversary tour celebrates 20 years of Third Eye Blind, a huge accomplishment in today’s constantly changing music industry. The 90’s band has managed to continue appeal to audiences of all ages, even after two decades.

Hydra Melody broke the usual stereotype of an opening band, far surpassing expectations and evoking a very positive reaction from the crowd. The Texas five-piece came out with loads of energy, playing songs like "California" and, my personal favorite, "Devil in Disguise." During their entire set, you could clearly see they were truly enjoying themselves. Their energy, smiles, and clean sound was refreshing. They maintain an alternative sound that appeals to the masses while still being unique. Hopefully this tour will give them their much deserved recognition.

Third Eye Blind’s return to Indianapolis was much awaited. Although the lighting during the first three songs of their set (when I could shoot photos) was disappointing at best for photography, the fog set the mood perfectly. Stephan stayed at the back of the stage, remaining a silhouette until around their 4th song. The lighting then changed from mysterious to bright and colorful, more accurately expressing the feelings of the audience, and Stephan, who continually mentioned how great he was feeling.  They played many of their hits such as "Graduate," "Jumper," and "Semi-Charmed Life." Their set was a nostalgic treat, including Brad Hargreaves' drum solo, which ended up being my favorite part. The group shows no signs of stopping soon, with plans of releasing a new album in 2014 and returning to the road.

Take Action Tour 1/20/13

For over 10 years, the Take Action Tour has been changing lives everywhere. By bringing together countless amazing bands, they've raised more than 2 million dollars for over 50 different non-profit organizations. This year's tour partnered with the "It Gets Better Project" (an organization that helps LGBT youth who are being bullied) and is still raising money with ticket sales and the Take Action compilation album. The tour started in Las Vegas, NV on January 11th and will end on March 1st in Los Angeles, CA. 

This year, the bands playing are The UsedWe Came As RomansCrown The Empire and Mindflow. The concert on January 20th in Indianapolis, IN was easily one of the most enjoyable conerts I've ever been to. Brazilian hardcore band Mindflow successfully got the crowd hyped up. They were clearly honored to be a part of the tour and frequently mentioned how excited they were to be touring the U.S. again. With 7 world tours already in their repertoire, they were more than prepared for this tour. Bass Guitarist Ricardo Winandy was especially energetic and extremely fun to watch. Their unique sound was a very nice treat. 

Next up was Crown The Empire. Everyone else seemed to be just as excited as I was that they were finally playing a show in Indiana. They included new material and older songs from their EP "Limitless". They opened with "Makeshift Chemistry" (a song from their most recent album: "The Fallout") and the setlist kept getting better from there. Vocalist Andy Leo effortlessly maintained clean vocals while bouncing around the stage and energizing the crowd at the same time. The six performers have clearly been working hard these past few years and it has paid off. They sound amazing recorded, but their live performance was even better. 

Not long after Crown The Empire left to a roaring crowd, We Came As Romans took the stage. We Came As Romans also included a variety of old and new songs in their selist. The six piece had the crowd going wild for their entire 9 song set. It was lovely to hear them play "Let These Words Last Forever" and "Hope". Along with these two inspiring songs, vocalist Dave Stephens also had a fantastic little speech prepared. The message he and the rest of the group projected was to continue having hope. They also made sure to let everyone know that they're not alone.  It was a set no one in the audience is going to forget any time soon.  

Last was headliner The Used. Vocalist Bert McCracken walked out and instantly had control of the crowd. They played plenty of old songs and also threw in some newer songs, such as "I Come Alive". It was released over a year ago, but considering the fact that they've been making music for more than 2 years, it's relatively new. The four have had expirience on tons of world tours and played main stage at Warped Tour just last summer, so their amazing performance was no surprise. The on stage proposal during the set was a surprise though: such a lovely moment for the couple. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Whether you just enjoyed the music, crowd-surfed, moshed or maybe even participated in the wall of death, it was a great time. The lighting and fog during the show also helped set a great vibe. The concert was barely a month ago but I'm already eager to see the bands again.

Take Action Compilation Volume 11

Sub City is starting their eleventh year of raising money for non-profit organizations. On January 8th, they will be releasing the 11th volume of the Take Action Compilation. Not long after that, on January 11th, the Take Action Tour will begin. The tour features headliner, The Used, and supporting acts We Came As Romans, Crown The Empire, and MindFlow. This year, the tour is benefiting the 'It Gets Better Project', an organization that helps give hope to LGBT youth who are being bullied.

The compilation album this year includes 38 songs from 38 artists. These artists hit everyone from AWOLNATION and 3OH!3, to All Time Low and The Summer Set, to We Came As Romans and Whitechapel. All of the songs are unique, but they still go together exceedingly well. The album is perfect for fans of Warped tour and, well, everyone else. 

I was very happy with the first track, The Lonely by The Used. It's a well made song with good lyrics and a good message. I was also very happy with All Time Low's acoustic version of The Reckless & The Brave. It's a beautiful song, and making it acoustic took it to a whole new level. Another song I can't help listening to on repeat is The Scene Aesthetic - Carelessly (feat. Dresses). I expected to like those tracks though, since they're all by bands I've been a fan of for a while. 

One song that surprised me (in a good way) was Enter Shikari - Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here (Tek One Mix). Enter Shikari uses electronics a lot, so what surprised me wasn't the dubstep, but how much I ended up liking the song. I also loved William Beckett - 48 In A Hospital. I had never listened to him before, but I'll definitely be listening to him again. 

Along with all the good songs, there were songs I wasn't so fond of too. I wasn't a fan of Whitechapel's song Animus. I listen to plenty of metal/deathcore, but this song just sounded like a bit of a mess to me. Maybe I'm missing the point, but I really didn't enjoy London Is Burning by Itch either. 

All together, I think it's a wonderful album, not to mention it's for a great cause. I'll definitely be purchasing a copy on iTunes this Tuesday. I will also be attending the Indianapolis date of the Take Action tour on the 20th. 


Track Listing

*denotes rare or unreleased


1. The Used – The Lonely*
2. We Came As Romans – Fair-weather*
3. AWOLNATION- Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)*
4. Bad Religion - Fuck You*
5. The Wonder Years - Local Man Ruins Everything (Nervous Energies)*
6. Mayday Parade - Oh Well, Oh Well (Acoustic)
7. Falling in Reverse – The Drug In Me Is You
8. Enter Shikari – Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here (Tek One Mix)*
9. Whitechapel – Animus
10. Periphery – Far Out (Instrumental)*
11. Sleeping With Sirens - James Dean & Audrey Hepburn (Acoustic Version)
12. All Time Low – The Reckless & The Brave (Acoustic)*
13. Never Shout Never – Pray For Peace (Demo)*
14. 3OH!3 – You’re Gonna Love This (Wuki Remix)*
15. The Summer Set – Fuck U Over
16. Say Anything – Their Notions


1. Glass Cloud – Everybody Wants To Rule The World*
2. Ice Nine Kills – What I Never Learned in Study Hall (6 Feet Below)*
3. Memphis May Fire - Prove Me Right
4. Upon This Dawning – A New Beginning
5. Parkway Drive – Dark Days
6. SHARKS – Sea Of All Seas*
7. Balance & Composure – Quake
8. Silver Snakes – All My Eye*
9. Broadway Calls – Bring On The Storm*
10. We Are The Ocean – Machine
11. Transit - Skipping Stone (Alternate Version)
12. Seahaven - Understanding (Acoustic)*
13. Set It Off – Dream Catcher
14. I Am The Avalanche - I’ll Be Back Around
15. The Scene Aesthetic – Carelessly (feat. Dresses)*
16. Plug In Stereo – I Hope You Know (feat. Tay Jardine)*
17. William Beckett – 48 In A Hospital *
18. Itch – London Is Burning*
19. Twin Atlantic - Make A Beast Of Myself (Space Brother Remix)*
20. The Animal In Me – Speak*
21. Hell Or Highwater – Come Alive (Acoustic)*
22. Palisades – Bury It (Acoustic)*